Outpatient Hip and Knee Replacement

Dr. Della Valle has been performing outpatient hip and knee replacement at Munster Specialty Surgery Center in Munster, IN since 2013. Through a combination of the latest perioperative and surgical techniques, we offer patients the ability to recover in the comfort of their own homes. We now have a second facility where we offer outpatient hip and knee replacement at North Shore Surgical Suites in Pleasant Prarie, WI to better serve our patients who live north of Chicago. Both of facilities are brand new and state of the art with an extremely high ratio of staff to patients offering you personalized and attentive care. When you arrive at either of these facilities, the staff will know exactly who you are, who your surgeon is and what procedure you will be having. Everyone at the center is working for me and for you on the days when I operate at the center and are committed to offering you the best experience possible. We have expanded our offerings as our patients consistently comment on the positive experiences they have at the center. The most common thing I hear patients so to me is “I can’t believe it was so easy”.

The most common concern I hear when I talk to patients about outpatient hip and knee replacement is safety. We have now performed two research projects to ensure that these procedures are in fact just as safe as procedures done in the hospital.

In the first study, we examined claims from the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS-NSQIP) registry to compare a cohort of patients that underwent hip replacement, knee replacement or partial knee replacement as an outpatient procedures with a matched cohort of patients that underwent these same procedures and stayed at least one night in the hospital. Looking at the records of almost 180,000 patients, there was no difference in the risk of overall complications between the two groups.

In the second study, we compared all of the patients I operated on at Munster Specialty Surgery Center and matched them to patients who had inpatient surgery at Rush University Medical Center. We looked at these patients carefully and found no difference in the risk of readmission to the hospital or complications between the groups.

Not all patients are appropriate for outpatient hip or knee replacement, so please ask us if this is something you would like to consider for your care. These centers do offer the option of staying overnight if you want to, however we have rarely found that patients want or need to as they are generally very comfortable after surgery with minimal postoperative pain and the ability to walk soon after surgery.

Please note that Dr. Della Valle is a shareholder in both Munster Specialty Surgery Center and North Shore Surgical Suites.